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Qualified Job Candidates a Tough Find for Dealers
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Has your dealership been seeking qualified candidates for open employment positions, only to find a barren field of prospects? If so, you’re not alone. As dealership job openings continue to rise, the number of qualified job candidates remains stagnant, leading to headaches for dealerships across the country. For Lonski and Associates, LLC, a recruiting and placement firm with deep connections to a number of powersports dealers and OEMs throughout the industry, the first part of each new year brings with it a spike in demand for jobs.

"This is the third consecutive year where the demand is just over the top," Henry Lonski, who founded the firm in 2005, told Powersports Business in a January interview. From service technicians to sales managers, there is plenty of demand for all positions across the industry. This is nothing new compared to recent trends. However, as dealers are increasingly struggling to find ideal candidates, job openings are piling up.

Lonski and his company of eight headhunters are currently working to fill over 130 open positions across the motorcycle, powerpsorts and marine segments. As of Q1 2018, the openings were evenly split among all three segments. "And it's coast to coast. The first quarter of 2018 was the largest numbers of openings we've seen in three years. All eight recruiters have full plates. It's not the number of jobs, it's the number of qualified people for those jobs. I'm very positive looking forward." Of course, that figure does not contain the large number of jobs that are open, but aren’t being publicly advertised due to the future termination of a current employee in that opening.

Lonski and Associates have seen steady growth in firms seeking help to fill positions. At the same time, a sizeable portion of the thousands of active members in Lonski's database have expressed interest in exploring new opportunities. Yet after the qualifications for a given job are taken into account, alongside the factors that job seekers have for a prospective position, that number is greatly reduced.

The "wants" from the side of the candidate have remained relatively constant, with the biggest factors, according to Lonski, being compensation and the opportunity for promotion, as well as location. But due to the evolving wish list of qualities that employers look for in their ideal candidate, the increase in demand isn't being met with a swift increase in new hires.

"Year after year, we've increased significantly in terms of placements, but in the same token, year after year it's become more difficult to find the perfect candidate," said Lonski. He attributes this to the fact that dealerships increasingly desire candidates who have business backgrounds: people who are equal parts businessperson and powersports enthusiast. "Dealers are getting a lot more sophisticated in terms of analysis and margins, and they're looking for a new breed of applicants that have more of a business acumen, rather than just direct-sales experience," Lonski said.

While their desired qualifications for prospective employees have evolved, not all those in the work force have necessarily stepped up. According to Rollin Karroll, who is in his fifth year working for Lonski and Associates, the talent pool can be generally split into two categories: enthusiasts who lack industry experience, and lifetime veterans of the powersports industry who lack the business know-how of a college degree. Although it's easier for dealerships to hire exclusively from within the industry, college graduates from outside the industry are a new and growing talent pool. "It's certainly more difficult to break into the industry, from the outside, however it's not impossible, and many times people will have skills that will translate over into our industry," Karroll said.

There will always be a constant need for qualified salespeople and those with business backgrounds. But at present, the greatest demand is for service techs. For the service department of dealerships, the supply of experienced, certified mechanics and technicians just isn't there. Although it's a boon for job seekers, the disparity between job demand and supply can be a pain for dealerships. As opportunities outnumber candidates, job seekers have the power to hold out for their ideal position.

"A typical candidate has two other opportunities to consider when they've made a decision to change, whereas five years ago that wasn’t the case," Lonski said. This puts the pressure on dealers to create an environment that not only lures candidates away from other opportunities, but also from their current jobs. Adam Wilke, a six-year veteran of Lonski and Associates who works almost exclusively in filling positions at Harley-Davidson dealerships, noted that the best new hires come directly from other dealerships. This means that in order for dealers to attract top talent, they have to offer something that their prospect's current job doesn't.

"They're not going to move their family or quit their job for a lateral or backwards move," Wilke said. "Dealers have to be very smart about what is it about their dealership or group that is better than where some of these other talented people are."

For the foreseeable future, the number of strong candidates will be in short supply in the powersports industry, Lonski added. But dealerships can work around this by looking outside the industry, and by making a concerted effort to create more appealing opportunities than that of their competitors.

Lonski and Associates, LLC Expands with former Harley-Davidson Dealer Network Marketer and Trainer Paul Nuccio, Newest Recruiting Team Member.

Indialantic, Fla. - Lonski and Associates, LLC announced today the addition of former Harley-Davidson Rider Services Regional Manager Paul Nuccio to the distinguished team roster.

A native of Chicago, Nuccio was recruited by the Motor Company in 2000 to help develop the successful Harley-Davidson Rider’s Edge Academy of Motorcycling (now Harley-Davidson Riding Academy), training and managing the programs with dealers across the country. After five years of developing Riders Edge dealer personnel and assisting with the experiential marketing, he was promoted to Dealer Operations, where he recruited dealers for both the Rider’s Edge and, later, the Harley-Davidson Authorized Rentals programs. Besides the continued domestic dealer management, Nuccio developed dealer interest in Canada and thePacific Rim, while simultaneously seeking possible markets for Rider Services in Europe, India, and the Middle East.

Nuccio has been a certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Instructor / RiderCoach since 1998. And despite working for the historic manufacturer of big twin motorcycles, he takes his metric sport bikes to track days.

"Paul brings a variety of unique talents and a valuable mix of experience to the Lonski Recruiting Team," said Henry Lonski, "as well as present-day dealership consulting. We have added a very experienced industry leader to our team and everyone will benefit from his knowledge."

Nuccio reports that “having traveled the country to assist dealers, I have experienced the clear advantages when the right personnel are in the dealership – the ones who take the time to understand the customer’s needs, whether the contact happens in sales, service, F&I, eCommerce, or in a leadership role, such as a GM. I was already aware of the fine reputation of Lonski and Associates, and knew when he contacted me that we’d be on the same page about the importance of providing top services to clients."

Paul Nuccio
Paul Nuccio's. Specialties:
  • Dealership Operations and Coaching
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Customer Outreach
  • Program Development

[O] 414-210-5248

[C] 414-526-7613

[F] 414-210-5248


Lonski and Associates, LLC Expands with Powersports and Communications Pro Skip Johnson as Newest Team Member for West Coast Presence in Las Vegas Nevada.

Indialantic, Fla. - Johnson’s powersports background began working in motorcycle shops while going to college. He went on to hold a variety of key senior executive roles in Motorcycle, ATV, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobile, Outdoor, Automotive and Off Road enthusiast and business communication, media and event businesses. He served most recently as a partner at the iconic custom aftermarket PR agency, V-Twin Marketing and as Director of Sales and Business Development Director for ConvExx, a B2B and B2C Trade and Consumer show production company.

Johnson said, “This is the best possible role for me – I am very excited about helping people find places and positions that will allow them to grow to their greatest potential. I understand how recruiting can show people how to live their dreams – I was recruited for a role that ultimately set the stage for best parts of my career. The recruiting experience put a spotlight on what was possible and I can’t wait to help others find their professional destiny”.

Company founder Lonski said, Skip and I have had a great history. He’s a true enthusiast that understands how to turn passion and enthusiasm into opportunity. His unique industry background allows him to find new and creative solutions that will be extremely helpful in his new role. I’m excited to have Skip as part of our recruiting team”.

Skip Johnson
Skip Johnson’s. Specialties:
  • Industry Operations and Consulting
  • Sales and Marketing Expertise
  • Business Development
  • Recreational Sports

[O] 702-839-0400

[C] 702-373-0615

[F] 702-655-2007


Second Generation Marine Industry Icon Tom Cassidy, Jr.
Joins Lonski and Associates Recruiting Powerhouse


Indialantic, Fla. - Lonski and Associates, LLC is excited to announce the addition of Tom Cassidy, Jr. to its elite team of powersports industry recruiters.  

A former sales executive with Mercury Marine, Tom has a diverse background. The majority of his career was spent managing and developing strategic OEM accounts, cultivating dealer relationships and developing marketing solutions. With a passion for boating that began in his childhood, Tom observed his father’s successful marine industry recruiting career (Tom Cassidy, Sr. of Cassidy & Associates) to learn how to develop his own strategies and sales tactics.  
“Our family cruised the Great Lakes, inland lakes, and Caribbean when I was a young man, and that’s when I fell in love with all things related to the marine industry,” Tom Cassidy, Jr. said. “I’ve been able to follow my passion. Now I can help marine industry professionals find their niche while providing exceptional talent to original equipment manufacturers, aftermarket manufactures and dealers.”
“I am elated to welcome Tom to our team. He is an accomplished veteran and leader in the powersports and marine community; a true industry insider with experience and connections from coast to coast,” said Company President Henry Lonski. “He brings a whole new dynamic to our team. From his time with Mercury Marine, to the last years with Dowco, Tom will serve us well.” 

Tom Cassidy
Tom Cassidy, Jr’s. Specialties:
  • Marine Industry OEMs
  • Boating Aftermarket Companies
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Marine Dealer Staffing Needs

[O] 262 397 8980

[C] 715-340-6862

[F] 262-347-3983

About Lonski and Associates, LLC 

Lonski and Associates has specialized services for the motorcycle, powersports, recreational, RV, and marine industries as a provider of recruiting, staffing and consulting solutions with operating experience in the United States, Asia, Canada and Europe. They have developed extensive resources and expertise to meet even the most demanding Human Resources challenges. 

Their goal every day is finding the right personnel to support their client partners - regardless of their needs or location. With years of successful sales, sales management and operational experience within our industries, Lonski and Associates LLC recruiters understand that circumstances will vary, so they approach each client situation with flexibility, affordability and adaptability. 

Lonski and Associates, LLC is based in Indialantic, Fla. For more information, please visit: www.HenryLonski.com.  



Sam ChalkINDIALANTIC, FL – (May 9, 2014) - Lonski and Associates, LLC announced today the addition of former multi-line dealer principal and KTM sales executive Sam Chalk to the distinguished team roster.

A native of North Carolina, Chalk’s diverse industry experience includes a 17-year tenure with KTM North America, Inc., as the Mid-Atlantic RSM and over ten years as the owner, dealer principal and GM for a large four-line powersports dealership in the Southeast. Most recently, Sam enjoyed two years as MSXI-BMW aftersales business manager, coach and consultant.  A former racing competitor, Sam still pursues his lifelong passion for off-road riding.

“Sam brings unique talents and a valuable mix of experience to the Lonski Recruiting Team,” said Henry Lonski, “he is a degreed mechanical engineer, with a decade of successful dealership owner experience under his belt. He has significant time in OEM sales, as well as in present-day dealership consulting. We have added a very experienced industry leader to our team and everyone will benefit from his knowledge.” 

“I constantly see the agony industry dealers and OE manufacturers experience when trying to staff their businesses with quality and professional personnel. Henry contacted me and I was immediately attracted to the grass roots/guerilla passion I sensed from him: Get the job done. Best customer service. No hidden agendas,” said Chalk. 

Sam Chalk's Specialties:

  • Dealership Operations and Coaching
  • Aftersales Best Practices
  • OEM-Dealer Relations
  • R&D / Technical Processes
Sam Chalk


[C] 440-463-4571

[O] 252-726-3383

[F] 252-726-3383


“Lonski and Associates holds the key to expediting staffing solutions during this industry resurgence with a proprietary 18,750+ database of clients and candidates. I look forward to matching needs and desires for win-win placements,” continued Chalk. 

Hiring managers, powersports professionals, or anyone looking to transition into or within our industry may contact Sam Chalk at 252-726-3383 or Sam@HenryLonski.com.


INDIALANTIC, FL  – Lonski and Associates, LLC today announced the addition of former Spectro Oils Sales & Marketing Vice President Rollin Karoll to the firm’s distinguished team roster.

A 10-year powersports executive with thirty years in management, Karoll has held key roles in marketing, sales, service, parts and inventory positions with Spectro Oils of America, Mustang Seats, Comcast and IKON. Rollin is a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast with more than 100,000 miles logged and an accomplished builder and restorer of custom and vintage motorcycles.    

“I met Henry when I was National Sales Manager at Mustang Seats. We’ve had a great professional relationship for many years, and I’ve been watching his business grow. When the opportunity surfaced for me to join his team, the decision was easy,” explained Karoll.   

“Talented industry professionals can be frustrated when looking for a new challenge or upward career move. They know that good jobs exist, but are often difficult to find. With our ever increasing roster of client companies, coupled with a 16,000+ and growing database of the best industry professionals we make the connections our client companies and job seekers both need,” said Karoll.   

“I am looking forward to helping OEM’s, aftermarket manufacturers and dealers find the talent they need,” said Karoll. 

Hiring managers, powersports industry professionals or anyone looking to transition into or within the industry may contact Rollin at 860-828-9435 or Rollin@HenryLonski.com.

About Lonski and Associates, LLC

Lonski and Associates has specialized services for the power sports, recreational, RV, and marine industries as a provider of recruiting, staffing and consulting solutions with operating experience in the United States, Asia, Canada and Europe. They have developed extensive resources and expertise to meet even the most demanding Human Resources challenges.
Their goal every day is finding the right personnel to support their Client Partners - regardless of their needs or location. With years of successful sales, sales management and operational experience within our industries, Lonski and Associates LLC understands that circumstances will vary, so we approach each Client situation with flexibility, affordability and adaptability.

Lonski and Associates, LLC is based in Indialantic, FL.  For more information, please visit www.HenryLonski.com

PowerSports Industry ‘Rocking’ On JobsPowerSports Business

Dave McMahon, Editor in Chief
Powersports Business Magazine

Lonski finds dealers in search of top talent

Henry Lonski, founder of his namesake recruiting firm Lonski and Associates, LLC, takes phone calls and emails daily from dealers looking for upgrades in talent. In fact, it’s his job, and the demand for finding quality personnel at both dealerships and other industry companies is growing so fast that Lonski has had to make additional hires to his own staff.

Former Honda zone manager Paul Dunning is the latest to join the Lonski lineup. Dunning has 40 years' experience in the powersports industry. He spent 10 years with Honda, managing all aspects of field sales for motorcycles and ATVs. He was hired as a district sales manager before becoming an assistant national field sales manager and then a zone manager. Prior to joining Honda, Dunning owned Mission Honda Yamaha near San Francisco and was the Western sales manager for KYMCO.

Currently, Dunning owns the online sales company MCmanual.com, which sells motorcycle manuals. The company has more than 5,000 books in inventory.

“Over the years, I’ve followed Paul’s career in sales management. He’s a successful industry veteran and held in high regard by fellow powersports industry members. His ethics, credibility and reputation are well deserved, and his experience with dealer networks across North America will be a great benefit and value to our client base,” Lonski said.

Dealers hiring

With an apparent recovering of the economy, Lonski has found that dealers are turning to national searches to fill positions, some empty, and others not-so-empty but in need of a change.

“The industry is back and it’s rocking,” Lonski said. “I don’t have a choice but to hire. A lot of dealers are looking to if not compare their current talent, at least see what’s out there. As far as technicians and service writers, if I had 10 qualified technicians, I could place them all tomorrow.”

Lonski has seen a recent surge in dealers seeking out social media-savvy employees.

“It’s good to see them wanting to get more involved with social media,” he said. “We’ve seen a big push on social media hires, whether at the dealership level or OE. It’s a great indication of where the industry is. It all bodes well for the industry.”

As dealerships have fine-tuned their operations to work their way through a down economy, Lonski says many are now looking to take the next step.

“There’s a realization that maybe the people they kept over the last three years weren’t the right people, they were just part of the problem,” Lonski said. “Two things happened over the last three years — the dealerships downsized, but I think a lot of dealers realized they downsized with the wrong people. Some of the people they retained were part of the problem, not part of the option to succeed. What’s happening is that service managers, general managers, general sales managers, are being looked at under a microscope relative to what they should be doing vs. what they were doing.”

Finding the aforementioned service techs continues to be a tall task for dealers.

“A lot of them left the industry, so there’s a scarcity of A- and B-level technicians out there,” Lonski said. “There are a lot of graduates out there, but the service departments are so busy, that they’re shy to take on talent. So there’s a huge, huge groundswell for trained, experienced technicians.”

The lack of movement by techs could be attributed to “dealers finally stepping up and paying them what they’re worth. It’s evident from coast to coast, Harley-Davidson or metric. I’ve been in this business since 2005, and for the first six months of the year I’ve never seen so much activity at the dealer level for good talent.”


INDIALANTIC, FL Adam Wilke, formerly with CNI Recruiting, Florida Today a Gannett Media Company, Journal Communications, Cars.com and CarSoup.com has recently joined in the expansion of Lonski and Associates, LLC. Adam Wilke's primary focus will be working on retained and contingency searches for industry Clients in the Marine, PowerSports, Automotive and Outdoor Recreation Industries, including Information Technology, Technology Systems & Network Development, OEM Sales and Operations Management, Retail Dealer Operations, Support and related categories.

Adam Wilke’s professional experience within these industries is cross-functional; including recruiting Information Technology Management and Technology Support Staff, OnLine Marketing Staff and Marketing, and overseeing Operations, Project Management. Adam’s passion for the industry categories and unique understanding of SEO, Social Media, Software Development and Integration, coupled with his extensive industry business development experience, will provide Clients, Candidates and Companies absolute trust in Wilke's ability to consistently deliver only the best industry talent.

Adam Wilke's Specialties:

  • Sales and Sales Management
  • Multi-Media Advertising
  • Extensive SEO and Online Marketing
  • Retail Dealer Operations
  • OEM Aftermarket Sales and Support
Adam Wilke


[C] 321 412 9940

"From .com website business development, sales & sales management to extensive knowledge in multi-media advertising, Adam Wilke possesses significant experience” says Henry Lonski. “Additionally, his 6 plus years in the recreational products industry, including his knowledge of retail dealership operations will not only be a valuable resource, but a significant Client asset to Lonski and Associates LLC."