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Henry LonskiLonski and Associates, LLC offers specialized recruiting, staffing and consulting solutions for the PowerSports, Outdoor Recreation, RV, Power Equipment, Motorcycle, and Marine Industries. We have developed extensive resources and expertise to meet even the most demanding human resources challenges.

The team at Lonski and Associates recruits from fields where they have hands-on experience. We ensure a personal commitment to excellence from each of our recruiters. We’ve earned our reputation as one of the most successful placement agencies through policies of personalized service and confidentiality, coupled with the most ethical, professional standards in the recruiting industry.

Since 2005, our recruiters have served multiple markets and industries from manufacturing and engineering to sales and sales management, industry transition to executive search, with the highest caliber search services and placements. We are only focused on Companies, Clients and Candidates that can relate to as we say, “any product or service that goes with a sparkplug.”

For every search, we bring incomparable recruitment resources and a personal commitment to excellence from each member of our recruiters. Clients around the world - United States, Canada, South America, Asia, and Europe - depend on search services from Lonski and Associates.


Our Difference

Lonski and Associates solves the problems most executives loathe about retained and/or contingency search firms - expensive fees, large deposits, exclusivity, and long lead times. Additionally, Lonski and Associates addresses those clear inadequacies of such firms - absence of research, shallow "off target" Candidate pools and an inability to stand behind their work. We are completely focused on related industries and only fill related industry and product positions: Sales, Sales Management, VP, Officer, Director, 

Jan Plessner

Manager and Staff level positions. As a result, we offer an exceptionally high level of service and deliverables. Here are a few reasons why we are the best choice for helping fast growth Companies meet their unique challenges:

Recruiters who are experienced in their field       

We recruit the best talent in the industry verticals we represent because we are personally experienced in those fields.

More qualified applicants

Candidates are intensively screened to ensure 

their experience and needs are appropriate for the job and culture of our Clients.              

A 'world-class' customer experience

We instill a personal commitment to excellence in our recruitment staff, and we remain actively 

involved throughout the full cycle of the hiring process.

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Top 10 Reasons to Consider a Powersports Job Recruiter

Jan Plessner, Jan@HenryLonski.com

Jan PlessnerDealerships and other powersports companies across North America and Europe are staffing up and new job openings continue to significantly outpace the number of resume postings.     

Now may be a great time to consider the option to hire a professional powersports industry recruiter. Partnering with a top-notch recruitment firm may present you with an outstanding opportunity to grow your bottom line.

As the public relations manager for Kawasaki’s U.S. business for the better part of a decade, it wasn’t unusual for our in-house recruiter to stop by for ideas when she was on the hunt for a uniquely qualified candidate. She knew these professionals were out there, but she wasn’t sure how to reach them.

Reason # 1- You can’t hire who you can’t see.

The fact is that many of the most gifted candidates in our industry are hidden from view. They are discrete in their desire to make a change. Professional recruiters practice confidential correspondence with every candidate. Professional recruiters know who is looking.  

The best in the business can quickly locate and successfully connect with qualified and available candidates. Once a few candidates are presented, the search may then be further refined for improved results. A recruiter who starts with a large database of qualified candidates has the clear advantage. 


Reason #2 – Save time.

Most recruiters are generalists, while others specialize in one field, industry or trade. A recruiter who understands the job and the hiring organization knows where to look and who to look for.  The learning curve for a specialist is short.

Reason #3 – It takes one to know one.

If you want a “best-in-class” candidate for your “industry-leading” team, be sure you cast your net in the right ocean or you may be sorely disappointed.

If the person in charge of recruitment doesn’t use the products you make or does not understand your business, you may never have the opportunity to interview the most qualified individuals for the job.

Reason #4 – Pro recruiters eat, sleep and dream recruitment.

There’s no shortage of great H.R. professionals on the planet, but most of the seasoned in-house recruiters I’ve worked with have other responsibilities as well. Employee communications, training, succession planning and special events are just a few activities that compete for an in-house recruiter’s attention.

Reason #5 – Job posts are only as good as the audience reading them.

While an employer should use all of his or her resources to find good employees, qualified candidates are not necessarily scouring the Internet or your website career page for their next great gig. Professional recruiters know who is working, where they are and how to reach them.

Reason #6 – Save more time.

A well-written job post can easily attract more than 150 or 200 resumes. There is nothing fun or efficient about sorting through 400 pages of professional rap sheets hoping to find that needle in the haystack. Recruiters are professional resume readers. They are trained experts who scan resumes, separating the fact from the fiction, so you can spend your time reviewing only the best of the best.

Reason #7 – Presentation is key.

Good recruiters pride themselves on how they present their candidates. Resumes are never just “flipped” to hiring managers. You may be surprised by the attention to detail involved when a candidate is formally submitted to a client. 

Each individual candidate submission is usually the result of an extensive search, multiple telephone conversations and in-depth fact checking. A well-organized submission should translate to a big grin on the face of the hiring manager.

Reason #8 – No exclusivity required.

Whether or not your organization wants to use a professional recruiter exclusively should be your decision and not dictated or required by the recruitment agency.  A recruitment firm is just an option. It is another tool in the box.

Reason #9 – No games or gimmicks.

Ethical recruiters base their one-time fee on a simple formula. There are no upfront costs or hidden fees. If you don’t hire one of the candidates presented to you, then you do not pay the recruiter. 

Reason #10 – Risk is minimal.

Most recruiters offer a limited time guarantee for each individual placement. If for any reason, during this agreed upon time period, the candidate does not work out, a replacement will be found at no additional cost.



Paul ReschkeLonski and Associates, LLC Expands Again with Industry Veteran Paul Reschke. Indialantic, FL- Lonski and Associates, LLC announced today the addition of Paul Reschke, RV, Powersports and Marine industry sales executive to the distinguished team roster. 

A native of Minnesota, Reschke’s diverse experience includes 16+ years in the recreational industry with ADP Lightspeed, KTM North America, Inc. and most recently, Paul enjoyed two years as the National Account Development lead at IDS Constellation Software.  An avid competitor, Paul still pursues his lifelong passions for off-road motorcycle racing and mountain bike riding.


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